Artwork  paintings of artist Andreas Mujica  

  "To me art is more that just forms and colors...Art is existence, reasoning and feelings.
The art is a compromise between the artist and the world which surrounds us. A world in which glory and agony are mixed.
A world which gets bigger as it progresses but collapses in injustice.

To be an artist is to be an integral part of that glory and that agony."

Artist Andreas Mujica in front of his copper mural Terrarvm Orbis  
        Andreas Mujica is graduate in Fine Arts and he llives in
Houston, Texas USA.





  Artist Andreas Mujica working on his mural The Silence and the Glory
The making of  mural "The Silence and the Glory"
Artist Andreas Mujica working on his acrylic portrait Rosy
Working on "Rosy"........
Andreas and Cecilia Mujica at the house-museum of poet Pablo Neruda
Andreas and Cecilia Mujica at the house-museum of Nobel Prize poet Pablo Neruda


The main compromise of art to society is the conception of a view of the world. Artists achieve creative thought generating the ability to perceive the actual reality of this world, based in their own interaction with its environment.

Humanity cannot accomplish a full intellectual life ignoring philosophy, science, and art, or challenges of the modern world, such as pollution, climate changes, population growth, reckless exploitation of natural resources, nuclear proliferation, etc. Narrow-mindedness is the biggest obstacle of our time in the achievement of a better world. Rejecting the light of knowledge is a worship to ignorance and condemns part of our society to darkness.

Artists, with some degree of intellect, expresses their own intellectual world, their own intrinsic aesthetic individuality. The hands of an artist are an extension of the mind and for them, world view is a intellectual, moral and social obligation and becomes the most vital element in philosophical imagination.

Artists are the expert hands that make the demonstration of the world's scientific discoveries more broadly understandable, more compelling, and in many cases, its theories more tangible.

Artists and scientists confront challenges with open minds and with untrammeled inquisitiveness, without the fear of the unknown.

The Artist

  Andreas Mujica  at home in 2016 Andreas Mujica in his Home City of Houston in the 2000's Andreas Mujica  with actress Erin Grey  
  Andreas  (2016) Andreas in his Home City of Houston in the 2000's With Actress Erin Grey in the 90's  


  Andreas Mujica working on the remaking of The Last Supper Andreas Mujica enjoying free time Andreas Mujica at young age and his adventure of pro soccer  
  The remaking of the "Last Supper"" of Da Vinci Recreation Time...... Yesterday.....the adventure of pro soccer  


  Andreas Mujica on a Tango performance  
Tango Performance


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